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Reforming your IT !
Our approach is different from the ‘Big-5’ consultancy approach

We don’t rack up massive bills, and deliver tonnes of reports!

There are two ways you can look at Transformation, consulting done the ‘Big-5’ way – by thrusting a group of young graduate consultants, green behind the ears, into your organisation, managed part time by very expensive senior Director level Consultant Partners. After 6 months of the graduates learning on the job, racking up huge bills you get delivered hundreds of pages of documents / reports (often using generally available market data). Then there is the usual recommendations that they all need to come back into your business for longer periods to try to address the real issues you are faced with.

Does this sound familiar — This approach carries a hefty price tag, lengthy periods of time with consultants onsite and often not really the CIO issues at hand.

boardroom tableThe other way is our way, of course – which is the lean, mean, agile boutique consultancy approach.

We are a team of senior experienced IT people, people that have actually done it before. We have a passion for IT Change that delivers quick results or mores the IT department into a more agile enabler of services. We transform the impressions the business has of the IT department and are supportive of the demands the business seeks in the digital arena we now play in.

We quickly understand the issues the CIO is looking to address and we bring in the ‘right’ skill to the table to  address those issues at hand. We don’t just ‘Talk-the-talk’ we ‘walk-the-walk’.

Importantly you can choose how much, or how little you need. We are reliant on satisfaction; so getting it ‘right’ is key for us.

CCServe Consulting, the vehicle we use to resource our services

We are most often brought in from the executive layer to focus on a specific need or change and once tasked at that engagement we seek the ‘right’ skills available from a wide group of senior experienced individuals whom we all know well and have worked with before. This brings a level of trust and understanding.

As part of our consultative approach we always have assess to innovative niche software players, and drivers of cloud based services which can often be brought into frame where needed. We understand the vendor marketing hype so can cut to the chaise and align the technology or services that will make a difference in the solution we are trying to resolve.

Our experience from bringing senior interim expertise to the table only for as long is required shows our clients that we know what we are doing and deliver results faster and under budget.

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There are many areas — big and small — that the CIO office can take advantage of so reach out so that we can discuss your needs and requirements. There’s never been a better time for CIOs to change their IT strategy.

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