CIO vs the CDO ‘chief data officer’

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The implications for CIOs are huge, whether you happen to be a CIO who decides to own that chief data officer role, or whether you will find yourself working alongside a new chief data officer. As most CIOs know, the talent out there to spin

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Outsourcing hits record levels across EMEA in 2014

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According to Information Services Group (ISG), the outsourcing industry in EMEA is on the up and is set to achieve one of its strongest years in a decade. The Q3 2014 EMEA ISG Outsourcing Index, measuring commercial outsourcing contracts with an annual contract value (ACV)

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2014 the year outsourcing became cool again

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With 2014 drawing to a close, after a year of major IT Transformation and change management activity, I had some time to read a report from Information Services Group (ISG), where the market intelligence firm was reflecting on the last year (2014), where it laid down

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The inner circle of CIOs

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IBM’s recently published study into how members of the C-suite are working together to prepare for the digital era contains some key takeaways for CIOs who want to play a bigger role in shaping and leading the digital transformation of their organisation. The report,

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Agile vs Waterfall Project Management changing the Business

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Once considered a fad, Agile has matured into a popular and respected set of development methods In fact, you may have seen Agile expanding outside of software development and IT into sectors like banking, management consulting, automotive manufacturing, and healthcare. Companies are moving to Agile

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