Survival tactics during a business merger

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When engaging in a merger or acquisition the complexity of issues for consolidation of staff and technology becomes a highly charged and often underestimated undertaking. Apart from the obvious joining up of financial and fiscal systems in an acquisition, IT plays a major role as

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The CIO becomes the Chameleon In Chief

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The two-speed CIO just isn’t going to cut it – tech chiefs need to be able to respond to changing environments and requirements more quickly than ever. The modern CIO must act like a professional chameleon, changing their form and their IT function to suit

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Cloud technology trends in 2015

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As the IT world looks past the UK elections and into the fundamental budgeting period of 2015, which new technologies will take off? “Enterprises and IT pros are permanently inching towards cloud services no matter what industry”, states Craig Ashmole, Founding Director for London based

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Five CIO Technology Trends

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1. A Paradigm Shift in Technology Services We hear the phrase “paradigm shift” too often. Sometimes it’s mostly marketing hype. But other times the new paradigm is a real game-changer for businesses, such as the arrival of online commerce. This is one of those times.

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Predictions of Enterprise IT in 2020

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How will enterprise IT change in the coming years? Why now is the time for IT leaders to redefine their roles and responsibilities. Enterprise IT has undergone a major shift recently, with an interesting and occasionally conflicting combination of end-user and business unit empowerment, combined

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