Survival tactics during a business merger

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When engaging in a merger or acquisition the complexity of issues for consolidation of staff and technology becomes a highly charged and often underestimated undertaking. Apart from the obvious joining up of financial and fiscal systems in an acquisition, IT plays a major role as different ...
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The CIO becomes the Chameleon In Chief

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The two-speed CIO just isn’t going to cut it – tech chiefs need to be able to respond to changing environments and requirements more quickly than ever. The modern CIO must act like a professional chameleon, changing their form and their IT function to suit the ...
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Five CIO Technology Trends

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1. A Paradigm Shift in Technology Services We hear the phrase “paradigm shift” too often. Sometimes it’s mostly marketing hype. But other times the new paradigm is a real game-changer for businesses, such as the arrival of online commerce. This is one of those times. Mobile ...
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Predictions of Enterprise IT in 2020

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How will enterprise IT change in the coming years? Why now is the time for IT leaders to redefine their roles and responsibilities. Enterprise IT has undergone a major shift recently, with an interesting and occasionally conflicting combination of end-user and business unit empowerment, combined with ...
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CIO vs the CDO ‘chief data officer’

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The implications for CIOs are huge, whether you happen to be a CIO who decides to own that chief data officer role, or whether you will find yourself working alongside a new chief data officer. As most CIOs know, the talent out there to spin big ...
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2014 the year outsourcing became cool again

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With 2014 drawing to a close, after a year of major IT Transformation and change management activity, I had some time to read a report from Information Services Group (ISG), where the market intelligence firm was reflecting on the last year (2014), where it laid down it’s ...
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The inner circle of CIOs

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IBM’s recently published study into how members of the C-suite are working together to prepare for the digital era contains some key takeaways for CIOs who want to play a bigger role in shaping and leading the digital transformation of their organisation. The report, “Exploring ...
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The new role of CIOs in the 20Twenties

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The beginning of a New Year is a time when many organisations kick-off their recruitment process in preparation for the start of their new financial years. The CIO jobs market is no different. Talking with a number of like-minded consultants I have captured some of ...
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The CIO reporting line is changing in 2014

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As with most things about the CIO role, the position’s reporting line tends to be discussed quite a lot. Historically the majority of CIOs reported to the organisation’s CFO as the early mainframe systems that were in use when the role was first created were ...
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