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IT Business Transformation done the right way

We focus on what hurts the business — this can be wrapped up in the words; “Customer Experience”.  So many businesses we come across struggle to get the basics right, we look at issues form the customer perspective and try to build remedial solutions or processes to change both company operational processes and IT departments to address the customer the ‘right’ way.

So put another way, it is really about the correct use of ‘technology’ utilising ‘business operational best practice’ to achieve your customer’s desires.

From an IT perspective it’s important to recognise it is not about using technology for technology sake, its about making satisfied customers which in turn drives up corporate revenue. We come across many IT technology leaders who are still old school and want to build their IT domain ‘ivory towers’. What we try to do is to realign IT leadership in thinking about being a deliverer of innovation and services — not a gatekeeper of technology preventing technology advancement just because it was not invented in the IT department.

The new IT domain or CIO Office of the 2020’s  is about commoditising IT utilities and outsourcing where necessary and focusing on being an agile enabler of digital advancement.

To that end we support Business Change or Transformation Programmes, while being a Cloud Broker of innovative services ensuring your customers come away from your company feeling like they have had the experience they wanted to receive.

We are passionate about delivering results,
so areas where we can help support your business are :-

  • Transforming your IT Department and preparing a way for the digital Twenty Twenties; or
  • Bringing in interim senior experienced business change consultants, to assist the CIO
  • Helping resource a merger or carve-out transaction
  • Engaging in Target Operation Models (TOM) to commoditise standard utility services for outsource
  • Improving technology in your Shared Services or Contact Centre environment
  • Moving budget costs from CAPEX spending to more agile cloud based SaaS services
  • Consolidating your Data Centres into efficient virtualised environments

We cut through all the vendor marketing hype to get to the real business benefits, and competitive commercial offerings that are available in the market today.

Our interim or consulting expertise comes from some of the best in the market not straight out of graduation school.

Our consulting approach is to listen, then focus on the real issues that deliver results


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The new CIOs of the 2020’s must not fall into the trap of designing an IT solution around existing IT department skills. We try to open up that vision help raise solutions round whats a growing concern of ‘shadow IT’ and then help the CIO Office to spend their valuable time and resources on bringing innovative services to their company while we move non core services into outsourced commodity players.

We believe it’s about getting the business balance between what you ‘need to do for customers’ and the ‘right use of technology’ for your business market. The CMO and the CDO ‘Marketing & Digital’ executives are highly focused on brand awareness growth so it is our intention to ensure this is kept at the forefront of all IT minds as one looks to change.