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CCServe, a consultancy that listen to your needs but deliver what CIOs are asking for.

Vendor marketing hype is designed to continually evolve, very often creating confusion by these vendors in their desire to take business away from their competitors – We are a senior team with extensive IT experience that can quickly cut through the marketing hype, to advise, and deliver what CIOs need to make their companies IT proficient.

We have noticed that most large corporate projects have often either slipped or failed largely due to the fact that PMs assigned to a programme struggle with executive stakeholder management and communication skills. Mainly due to the fact that CIOs are inclined to send them on technology related training and not focus on the business communication skills as a priority. Most of our assignments require us to build a quick clear understanding of the CIOs business objectives, followed by a reality check on the best available services to address our clients needs, then we implement a phase approach to transform ones IT to what corporations need to go into the “Twenty Twenties”. The key tool being communication while converting technology issues to executive level business messages.

We are able to put the pieces of the IT puzzle together in a easy to understand format and then wrap that up with a realistic migration programme and change process. This process may well require IT personnel change or the placing of interim skilled IT resources into your team – all of this we can manage.  We work on a model of you can have as much or as little of our services as you require, we are not prescriptive.

Some of the services that we have either engaged with clients, or are able to address for your business, are listed below:-

  • IT Business Change Transformation
  • CIO Vendor contract re-negotiation
  • Business operational and IT merge or carve-out
  • Contact Centre / Shared Services / BPO Outsourcing strategies
  • Cloud Services Brokerage and security consolidation
  • Mobile device mobility solutions
  • Telecom’s Financial Auditing
  • IT Network and Server consolidation
  • Network monitoring tools
  • Cloud based Single Sign-On
  • Contact Centre technology evaluation
  • IT Personal interim placement

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