Cloud Services Brokerage

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IT Transformation is being driven largely by Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) which is a form of intermediation for IT and business projects that are cloud-centric. This requirement has emerged largely as end users seek help managing the ever growing consumption of cloud computing. Put another way; – what we are able to bring to the table are the “right” partners, whom we see beneficial to a client based on their specific changing needs so that we can deliver the necessary cost saves without the need to fight through all the vendor marketing hype. Many CIOs we talk to say that they don’t have the time to sit down and read and consume all that you need to know about the many vendor solutions in the market and those that really deliver proper business benefit for ones business.

As independent consultants and with many years working in some of the most challenging markets we understand what needs to be done, and only bring solutions we see fit or those that we believe will address what the CIO needs most.

As a driver of CBS services we look to move traditional IT service capabilities from where it is today and look to build differentiation into our value proposition as part of our overall Cloud Services Value Chain (CSVC) strategy which we impart on our clients moving forward.

Most CSB capabilities fall under three primary roles; AggregationIntegration and Customisation.

Aggregation — bringing multiple disparate cloud services together to service consumers in some unified way.

Integration — addressing all combinations of cloud, e-commerce, and on-premises data and application integration requirements.

Customisation — Implementing unique services or capabilities beyond the original cloud services capabilities, preferably to multiple consumers, such as tools to manage, automate and simplify the provisioning of cloud services.

Our many years of collective experience of doing transformation, along with having implemented this in some of the most challenging geographic environments, enable us to bring our real life skills to the table for your company.

Transforming IT in the more difficult parts of the world especially in the Emerging Markets is an exciting and realistic challenge for us and furthermore one that has most likely already been achieved by us before. Our experiences can be shared – they do not need to be learnt again – this ensures delivery in an optimal time frame.

THIS IS THE VALUE WE BRING driving IT into the Twenty Twenties and beyond !