Cloud corporate strategy, not a tactical solution

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cloud multi grey smlAs an IT community we are still stuck in the past relative to the strategic nature of cloud. Many of us are looking at the adoption of cloud as just another technology, and are leaving the decisions on how to adopt, own, and manage the cloud up to engineers. But acquiring a cloud management platform is not an engineering decision — it’s a strategic one. Do engineers need to be involved? Yes, but your cloud adoption strategy has already failed if you don’t treat cloud as the operational construct that it is.

Many more CIOs now at least acknowledge the need for robust management tools as we move the world of IT INTO THE TWENTY TWENTIES. The problem is, we still think of them as “tools”. Cloud management isn’t just a pretty wrapper that you put on top of virtualisation to make it easier to use, and it’s not a few scripts that automate builds or scaling functions. Cloud management is a platform that allows the cloud(s) owner to express their company’s directives and policies effectively and safely onto their myriad of technology solutions and across international borders.

Cloud can take the guise of a more centralised computing and can be delivered as Private Cloud, for those that are still hung up about security, or Public Cloud for the those that understand the real benefits. We don’t expect companies to put their crown jewels out into the public domain but then provisioning a Public cloud service does not mean that is what you are doing. Its confusing indeed and there are many challenges in getting it done “right” so this is something we understand keeps many IT Executives and CIOs awake at night.  Let us help you get under the vendor and supplier marketing hype and get you using Cloud the way that it should be.

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