CIOs become more accountable to the Board

We are now seeing more than 44% of CIOs are reporting to the CEO compared to the CFO and key members in the executive teams compared to the past. A Forbes article, based on SunGard research, claimed that the change in

CIOs become more accountable to the Board Consultancy led IT Transformation We don We Listen, we deliver, on time and within budget


Reforming your IT ! Our approach is different from the ‘Big-5’ consultancy approach We don’t rack up massive bills, and deliver tonnes of reports! There are two ways you can look at Transformation, consulting done the ‘Big-5’ way – by thrusting a

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Cloud Services Brokerage

IT Transformation is being driven largely by Cloud Services Brokerage (CSB) which is a form of intermediation

Cloud corporate strategy, not a tactical solution

As an IT community we are still stuck in the past relative to the strategic nature of

Transformation driven by CCServe Ltd

CCServe, a consultancy that listen to your needs but deliver what CIOs are asking for. Vendor marketing hype

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